You will need more than just your wits...

You will need help from your teammates if you want to survive these Exit Games. 

You and your friends just entered a room with no windows and one door. As the last person enters the door shuts and locks behind you, you're trapped. You tell yourself to keep calm but you see strange items in odd places around the room and that doesn't make it any easier. A timer on the wall reads 50 minutes, it starts to tick down towards zero.

Do you you and your friends have what it takes to solve the puzzles, follow the clues and escape the room in 50 minutes? This is your quest, should you choose to accept it..



The Cabin Escape

Learn more about 'The Cabin Escape', available in our Salem, OR location. Schedule your next visit and reserve your hour.


Helter Skelter

Play Helter Skelter at our Nampa, ID location and test your courage as you try to escape from the lair of the Revolutionary!

Team Building

Learn more about how Escape Quest can provide you with custom team building exercises. We can even bring the quest to you.

Find Out How →


Escape Quest is open 7 days a week from 3:30pm - 10:00pm. 1:00pm on Weekends. We provide escapes to anyone who wants to play as well as team building events. We offer a full kitchen with beer and wine offered after 6pm most days. Check out our Tickets page for additional details on booking your next room escape.

  • The door will be locked, but just a light push will open the door so don't get too scared.
  • Ticket prices vary based on location. Reference each exit game for current rates.
  • If you do not book the entire room other players may join your group
  • No Refunds or Exchanges
  • Escape Quest is 13+ with a guardian
  • Escape Quest is 21+ only after 6pm daily
  • Show up early! with movies and escapes starting back to back you wont want your escape cut short
  • Instructions and escape plot are provided at the beginning of your escape
  • 2-way radios are provided if you need a hint
  • NAMPA, ID: Parking can be found in the back of Karcher Mall at the entrance to Northern Lights Cinema Grill
  • Food and drink are available in the lobby of Northern Lights, however drinks only are allowed in the room during play.
  • Escape Quest IS challenging; don't spoil the fun for yourself or others by sharing how it is solved.