You and your team are a part of an evacuation effort in the remote wilderness. A large forest fire is burning out of control and you are going door to door helping people evacuate. As you approach a cabin you see that a light is on, you decide to enter, as you do you realize that something is different about this place. When the last member of your team enters the door closes and locks behind you. You are trapped. In the distance you can hear the crackling of burning timber as the fire edges closer. You have just 50 minutes to escape or burn alive...  (You will need one internet/wifi capable device to play)

Difficulty: 7/10

Number of steps: 15

How it works

  • Up to 8 people per room (exceptions made for special events)
  • Cost is $20 per person with a $80 minimum
  • You may request an exclusive room with 4 or more people
  • Number of players: 2-8 (exceptions for special events)

How to book

1. Decide whether you want an all ages experience or 21+ only. The only difference is whether or not you can order alcohol.

2. Click on an available time or join a group that has 4 or less people

3. Reserve your escape and look for the confirmation in your inbox!

That's It You're Done!