10 out of 10, will definitely do it again. Can’t wait til the new one comes out! It wasn’t easy, which was exactly what we were looking for. We appreciate a good challenge and it inspired us to think outside the box. We had so much fun, even when we were a little frustrated, we were using our minds and flexing our teamwork muscles. I liked all the different steps because each little accomplishment felt pretty awesome. Thanks for a fun night!
— Mandi (5 Stars on Facebook)
We got to be the first group through Helter Skelter, and it did not disappoint. There’s enough of a mix in the difficulty of the puzzles to keep everyone entertained. It was a great way to finish up an evening with a group of friends and we’ll all be sure to come back for another round in a different scenario! And we’ll beat our time.
— Courtney (5 Stars on Facebook)
So great to have something fun and completely different from a regular “date night”. We took the whole family (kids ages from 2-15) and we had a good time, but next time we’ll leave the younger ones (7 & under) at home as it was over their heads. I will definitely be recommending this to my 15 year old when he starts dating as a great date night, and that goes for adults, too! Can’t wait for a new experience!!
— Lyndsay (5 Stars on Facebook)