The Quest Box

Sharpen Your Time Management Skills With Time Travel


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Team Building - The Quest Box

We can now bring the fun of Exit Games to you! The Quest Box is similar to room escapes, but it can be facilitated at your location.

You work in Boise, ID. A city steeped in history, much of which was captured by the icon newspaper you now know as the Idaho Statesman. somehow, while your department was going through archives in the basement of your facility you stumbled onto a dusty, but oddly well preserved chest. As you wipe the dust from the chest you and your co-workers are transported back in time to 1864, the inaugural year of the Idaho Statesman. Now, trapped in time, you must break into the box using the technology of the times in order to return to the future before time runs out. 

Play Time: 35 minutes

Players: 5-50

Difficulty: 6/10

Number of steps: 9



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